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Tango: Poema

You will often hear the tango Poema (Poem) played at milongas around the world. The music was composed by Mario Melfi and the lyrics were written by Eduardo Bianco. Francisco Canaro recorded the following version in 1935 with vocalist Roberto Maida. Canaro, a violinist, was born in Uruguay on 26th November 1888 and died in Argentina on 14th December 1964.

And here is a modern version by Orquesta Romantica Milonguera with a great video to match:

It was a dream of sweet love,
hours of happiness and loving,
it was the poem of yesterday,
that I dreamed,
of gilded color,
vain chimeras of the heart,
it will not manage to never decipher,
so fleeting nest,
it was a dream of love and adoration.

When the flowers of your rose garden,
bloom again ever so beautiful,
you’ll remember my love,
and you will come to know,
all my intense misfortune.

Of that one intoxicating poem,
nothing is left between us,
I say my sad goodbye,
you’ll feel the emotion,
of my pain…

*Source: www.planet-tango.com

Fué un ensueño de dulce amor,
horas de dicha y de querer,
fué el poema de ayer,
que yo soñé,
de dorado color,
vanas quimeras del corazón,
no logrará descifrar jamás,
nido tan fugaz,
fue un ensueño de amor y adoración.

Cuando las flores de tu rosal,
vuelvan mas bellas a florecer,
recordarás mi querer,
y has de saber,
todo mi intenso mal.

De aquel poema embriagador,
ya nada queda entre los dos,
doy mi triste adiós,
sentiras la emoción,
de mi dolor…

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