Tango classes at The Fraternity Club – Wollongong

Fantastic opening night of tango at Wollongong with milonga rhythm as topic of our first class. Great to see so many people starting their tango journey to the benefit of our tango community. Classes are host every Wednesday night 7:30 – 9:30 pm. Singles and couples are welcome. More milonga next week.

New Wollongong Venue Opening Up This Week

After 5 years of teaching tango in The Shire, we are delighted to bring tango to The Fraternity Club at Wollongong. This will happen this coming Wednesday 20th of February as we will start our regular weekly tango classes at The Frats. Join us to learn tango as it is danced in Argentina and Uruguay, cradles of tango dance. To celebrate the occasion we have a special deal for first timers: you pay the first class and your second class is totally free. Let your family and friends know. Singles and couples of all ages are welcome.

Tango: Poema

You will often hear the tango Poema (Poem) played at milongas around the world. The music was composed by Mario Melfi and the lyrics were written by Eduardo Bianco. Francisco Canaro recorded the following version in 1935 with vocalist Roberto Maida. Canaro, a violinist, was born in Uruguay on 26th November 1888 and died in Argentina on 14th December 1964. And here is a modern version by Orquesta Romantica Milonguera with a great video to match: ENGLISH: It was a dream of sweet love, hours of happiness and loving, it was the poem of yesterday, that I dreamed, of gilded color,...

Vals: Desde el Alma

This beautiful vals was composed by Clotilde Mela Rosa Luciano, better known as Rosita Melo (July 9, 1897 – August 12, 1981). Rosita was born in Uruguay, she was a poet, composer and pianist. Rosita was just 14 years of age when in 1911 she composed her first and now world-famous “Desde el Alma” which translates into English as “From the Soul”. Her husband Victor Piuma Vélez wrote the first set of lyrics for it years later but in 1948 Homero Manzi re-wrote the lyrics which ultimately became universally famous. The version that follows is an instrumental by Francisco Canaro,...

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