The most famous tango of all times is “La Cumparsita” from the Uruguayan composer Gerardo Mattos Rodriguez. Its melody was written down between the end of 1915 and beginnings of 1916. Later on the Argentinian musician Roberto Firpo performed musical arrangments which became the final version we know today.

Originally tango songs were just a musical melody without any lyrics.
Carlos Gardel (1890-1935) is considered the best tango singer of all times.

Buenos Aires and Montevideo harbours where the cradle where tango started. There a multicultural ethnic mix of european migrants, slave african descendants and natives (“criollos”) came to interact and mingle together.

According to UNESCO, tango is part of the world humanity heritage list.
Originally tango was a partner dance only carried over by men.
Initially and out of social and culture predujice tango was a forbidden dance.

The bandoneon (piano accordian) was not an original instrument in tango orchestras; instead the first musical instruments were guitar, violin and flaute follow later on by the piano, double bass and finally the bandoneon.