About Us

Local Business Award finalists 2022 for the Sutherland Shire under the Performing Arts category, Pablo and Graciela are long time local Saint George and Sutherland Shire residents in Sydney’s South. Both were born in the Rio de la Plata (Pablo in Montevideo – Uruguay and Graciela in Buenos Aires – Argentina) cradle of tango.

Pablo has more than 20 years of dancing and teaching experience in Australia and overseas. Graciela is a natural born dancer that has been called into her tango journey since 2016.

Pablo dances tango since 2010 when he started as beginner student from Pedro Alvarez and Sophia de Lautour at Patio de Tango school in Sydney. He has also studied with Argentinian Maestros: Gabriel Misse y Analia Centurion, Sebastian Misse y Andrea Reyero, Carolina Bonaventura y Fernando Galera, Christian Marquez y Cristina Gomez y Cecilia Gonzalez. 

In 2013, he brought his enthusiasm and passion for tango to The Shire opening the first ever tango school in the Sutherland region. In 2019, together with Graciela, they took their tango teaching to Wollongong opening  their first regular tango venue at the Gong.

Our main goal is to teach and empower people to dance tango on the basis of a sound social group that adhere to values of camaraderie, respect and healthy enjoyment.