About Us

Pablo is a long time local Saint George and Sutherland Shire resident in Sydney’s South. He brought his enthusiasm and passion for tango to The Sutherland Shire in 2013.

Pablo was born in the Rio de la Plata (Montevideo, Uruguay) cradle of tango and has more than 18 years of dancing and teaching experience in Australia and overseas.

He dances tango since 2009 when he started as beginner student from Pedro Alvarez and Sophia (Alvarez) de Lautour at Patio de Tango school in Sydney. He has also studied with Argentinian Maestros: Gabriel Misse y Analia Centurion, Sebastian Misse y Andrea Reyero, Carolina Bonaventura y Fernando Galera, Christian Marquez y Cristina Gomez y Cecilia Gonzalez.

Pablo’s dancing background also include modern jive (aka. Ceroc), ballroom, Night Club Two Step, and West Coast Swing.

Pablo’s other passions include football, basketball, and Earth Sciences (e.g. geology).


“Thank you for your very enjoyable classes. We love our Thursday’s evenings with you. Very special and inspiring.”

“Pablo’s Tango classes are brilliant! Highly recommend!”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to be introduced to the beautiful dance of tango! Your dedication and passion were evident, and quite contagious. We feel blessed to have been able to learn from such knowledgeable instructors”

 The bandoneon essential instrument in most tango ensembles

The bandoneon essential instrument in most tango ensembles